Saturday, October 5, 2013

People who treated you like dirt

It's not like I have super sensitive feeling or something. It's just...... it's so devastating when people seems don't care that you actually have tried everything to make them comfortable/happy.

Don't you get tired?. Everytime you try, the dirt was thrown on you. They gave you "that" look, that attitude....seems like you worth nothing.

It's pathetic that you have tried so hard and they don't even care. No... It's really really PATHETIC. 

Some of people said that... "oh boy, you really have a super sensitive, touchy feely heart. Get over it bitch". Let me tell you something. Every people have their own path of life. Some path make them more sensitive about certain issues, and some makes them heartless. It's easy for you to compare between you and I. I bet you won't last a day if you were in my shoes.

For your information, I chose to keep my mouth shut because I don't want to deal with that shit. It's not like I'm moody or anything. Yes, I admit there is still a little bit hearthy feeling... but just a little ok...and i chose to buried it nd deal with it later. on my own

I have this habit... I care way too much about people who treated me like dirt.  It's really pathetic that you have a great capacity to love people but they kept hurting you but you keep loving. That's SAD right?

So dear me, please guide your self to love people who love you. Open your heart to the people who love you and open your heart to love them back unconditionally. Please stay away your soul, your body and your heart from the people who don't give a shit about you. 

This video might help you. don't care about the thing that shouldn't to be worried about. #3-people who treated you like dirt 

Things not to worry about:

Thanks Dneilryn for this motivational advice. I'll keep in mind


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